Rome, Italy


this is the It’s impossible to do a tour of Italy without visiting the capital. Rome is an amazing city which is full of history spanning twenty centuries – you could say Rome is the world’s best open-air museum. As you wander around the streets the architecture will leave you in awe. There are many sites to see, the most famous being the Coliseum, the Vatican, St. Peter’s, the Trevi Fountain and my personal favourite the Pantheon. You won’t see them all in a weekend but it will give you a reason to go back. Rome’s cafe culture is also another reason to visit and for a true Rome experience chose from one of many piazzas and sit down for (an expensive) coffee or icecream. For the best food in town, follow the Romans to Trastevere.


Christmas is almost here!!!

Well as many of you may know it is almost Christmas, only nine more days! I’m sure that many of you are very excited. Some of you may not even celebrate Christmas, but that is okay. but those of you that do celebrate Christmas I’m sure that you and your families have many traditions on Christmas day. Me and my family do the same thing every year on Christmas day. First, after we all wake up we open all of our presents. Then, we all go get ready to go to my grandparents house. After we get to their house we open presents, eat lunch, then just spend time together. After we are done spending time with them we come home and rest. Finally, we go to my other grandparents houst to eat supper, open presents, and then spend time together. But no matter what you do for Christmas just remember it isn’t about all of the presents you get, it  is a wonderful time to spend with your families and be happy you get to see them, because some people dont have that advantage. But also don’t forget the real reason of Christmas, the birth of Jesus and all he has done for you.